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Short Story: “The Dangerous Storm in My Life”

The Dangerous Storm


By: Fera Asmarita

December 15, 2010, was the day that I will never forget. It was the day I and my family experienced my first dangerous storm. I and my family went to my cousin’s house who held wedding ceremony, that ceremony took place in Mendahara. We should through the sea from Kuala Tungkal to Mendahara,  we traveled by speedboat.

At exactly 07:05 A.M., the storm attacked. Before the storm attacked, it was overcast in sky, it seems like heavy rainy would happened. The wave of the sea really big, it was very dangerous. When the rain fall down accompanied by thunder, lighting and the high wind, there was the real dangerous storm happened. All passangers of speedboad shocked. Most of them including me didn’t know what was happening, because we were sleeping. I woke up because of the big wave that shaked the speedboat, My mother said to me “there is storm, dear. Please hold  me and pray!”. I nodded while crying. I really afraid if there was something bad happen. I couldn’t swim. I hold my parent hands tightly. My brother who still little baby didn’t know what was happening, he just crying and crying. There was most of passanger that take off their clothing in order to easy to swim if something bad happened. The driver of speedboat turn off the speedboat machine, he afraid if the machine broken because of the big wave that attacked our speedboat. In the middle of the sea, our speedboat shaking quickly. All of passenger yelled shout the name of God and pray. I and my family did the same way.

At last, the rain and the wind quite slow. For about  a half of an hour we felt the shaking of the wave effect of the dangerous storm. The driver tried to turn on the machine. Our speedboat shaking back, we were flung away from our position before the storm happened.  I didn’t find another vehicle around the sea, may be there were many ship of the sailor shipwrecked on the sea. Fortunately we were  safe from the storm. We were thanks God, some of the passanger cried because of happy.  I saw my watch, it showed 07:50 A.M. Then, I looked my phone, there was no signal. I quickly realize, there was no signal because we were in the middle of the sea.

Two hours later, the driver directed the speedbout in to the side of the sea. We almost arrived, I saw  some buildings that I recognized. Many passangers their luggages that put beside them. Then, crew of the driver yelled, “sir, there are some luggages which put on the speedboat lost”, ”I am sure I had binded it well”. We were afraid, I hope our luggage didn’t fall because of the storm.

Finally, we arrived in the harbour at 10:00 A.M., we were happy because we arrived safely. But, unfortunately some of our luggages fall by the high wind of the storm.

Our first dangerous storm was an experience that will  never forget by us. It taught us a lesson, too. Now I try to practice swim although I know it’s really hard to me to do it, and we must pay attention to see the weather whether it’s good or not before decide to do travel.

Note: the story above is unreal story or only fiction story

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