My Writing Task: “Social Environments Influence Student Achievement in Study”

09 Dec

Boy with Trophy and Medals

We are all aware that social environmental is one of the thing that influenced in our lives, especially in our selves. As a student, we know that social environmental influence our study achievement. There are several social environment that had an effect on our study achievement include family,  school and friends environments.

First, in family. Family is the first social environment which was knew by student. Family situation is the comfortable environment for student to study, and it will increase the student achievement in study. In contrast, if the family’s situation didn’t support student to study, of course the student achievement in school will decrease drastically. If it happen in student, we have several things that should we do such as motivation and support from parent, the harmonious household, and the discipline parent.

Second, same with family, school environment also has big influence in student achievement in study, because school is the second social environmental after family that was knew by students. School will give negative effect and positive effect in student achievement. We should choose the best school to support student achievement in study, because we know that school facility, students, and the teachers in the school will give positive influence in improvement student  achievement. School facility such as fully equipped library and laboratory with the complete tools will motivate student to study. In addition, the dilligent students and the best teachers also give positive influence so that the student get their best achievement.

The third is students friends environment in social living. It’s not be a problem if the student able to choose the suit friendship, but sometimes there are many students that enter in the bad friendship and finally cause the bad effect of achievement in school. From the third environment, actually students environment with their friend in social living is the mos dominant thing that give influence, because the student spent more their time with their friends.

Well, that’s all of my writing. I hope you all want to check  my grammar, if there found any mistakes please give comment. Thanks before…. 🙂

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