Comedy Story: “The Little Thief”

12 Nov

This is a story about a boy named John,,,

One day, John had seen some beautiful radio in shop window. He wanted one very much. But he didn’t have enough money to buy it. So, he decided to steal it. He went in to the shop oneday after his lesson. He took the radio which he wanted and put it under his overcoat and walk out. He though that he had benn very clever, but the owner of the shop quckly realize that the radio had gone. The owner of the shop remember that he had seen a boy who was wearing a big overcoat. Although, the weather was quite hot. So, he telephoned to the police and told them what John look liked.
The result was that, before he had been able to listen the radio at all. The police knocked the door of his house. Then, they took John and arrested him into the police station. Then, they put him in a room with another thief, an older man.
The older man looked at John and said,”why have they brought you here boy?”
“I stole a small radio”, said John. The older man laughed rudely because John had stole something so small.
“A small radio? “You should steal something which is worth a lot if you want to be a thief” “what a small radio?, It’s nothing”. “You should steal something really valuable which you can be proud of, so that your name put on the newspaper. “Go and steal a lot of money from a bank next time”
John though for a few second and then he said, “No, I can’t do that”
“why can’t you?”, said The older man.
“are you afraid?
“No, I’m not afraid”. “But, you know, the banks all close at 3 o’clock, and my lesson don’t finish till four”. “so, that’s way I can’t do that”, said John.
The Older man wa surprise listen to John’s answer.
Ok,, I think that’s all of the story.

This story was from a book, but add  some my own words.

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